Grand Final Viewing in Konsertsalen

11 maj 2024
18.00 (CET) - 01.00 (CET)
18 years
Malmö Live Konserthus
650 SEK
Grand Final Party, Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Grand Final Viewing in Konsertsalen

Grand Final Viewing – the peak of Eurovision week! Watch the grand finale of Eurovision Song Contest 2024 on the big screen in Konsertsalen at Malmö Live. 

In Konsertsalen, you get your own numbered seat and the TV broadcast will be with a Swedish commentator.

You may bring white wine/champagne/soda into the salon, but not food.
The doors open at. 18.00, the broadcast begins at 21.00 and is over about 01.00.

Before the broadcast, you can buy food and drink, we will send out emails about this, so you can pre-order to you and your company.

18 years of age.


Your safety is important to us. We will send out information about entrances, any bag prohibitions and more. We encourage you to read your email continuously.

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