• Bi-2 på Malmö Live Konserthus

Bi-2 All The Best Tour in Malmö

The band Bi-2 announces the continuation of the new All The Best World Tour. 

The band Bi-2 will perform at Malmo on 23 November 2024 as part of this tour. Malmo Live. The concert starts at 19:00 and the doors open at 18:00.

The band will present a programme of all-time superhits and perform all the best and favourite songs in an updated sound - partly heard on the first part of the All The Best album released in February. 

All The Best are the songs that B-2 fans are always waiting for, made with the original arrangements preserved, but with the use of modern technology. That's how they are recorded in the new compilation and that's how they will be performed on tour: favourite hits, perfect sound plus the emotions of a live concert - in short, Bi-2 at its best! 

The previous Hallelujah World Tour lasted a year and a half. Within its framework, the band visited more than 30 countries and played more than 60 concerts, each of which became a real event. 

The new tour means new countries, new cities and new meetings. 

Love, drive and real rock'n'roll sincerity remain unchanged! 

23 november 2024
ca 2 timmar
695-2295 kronor
13 år
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