The conference will take place on 13 October under the auspices of the Swedish Government.

The forum is held at the Malmö Fair and is expected to bring together a large number of heads of state and government, as well as representatives of both academia and international organizations. Many participants live at Malmö Live, which means that after the performance Ortrud Mann on Sunday 10 October, the concert hall has closed until lunch on Thursday 14 October.

Ticket buyers / guests for concerts and events that are affected are contacted by us. Ticket center has closed during the period. You can of course buy tickets via the website at any time.

Plan your visit to Malmö Live 4-9 October

From Monday 4 October, the bicycles stands, mopeds and electric kicks in connection with Malmö Live will be closed as the city prepares for the roadblocks planned for Malmö Forum. Rather park your bike at Anna Lindh's place / Baker's place, at Niagara across the street or at another suitable place. The garage for cars is expected to be open until Sunday 10 October.

Barriers October 9-14

Both at Malmö Mässan and Malmö Live, there will be roadblocks for a shorter or longer period of time. The blockades will begin on Saturday 9 October and be removed on Thursday 14 October. The biggest disruption is expected during the forum itself on Wednesday 13 October.

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