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Minimal Music episode 1 - March 3rd 2021

The American award-winning composer and musician Nathan Larson discusses "minimal" music and its multiple forms, like drone and durations, in this audio series. It’s a meditative podcast where history meets today. A perfect time to close your eyes and listen to an expert.

Nathan Larson is a native New Yorker, a musician, author, curator, and an award-winning film composer, having scored over 70 films and TV series. He has played in many bands, including A Camp, Shudder to Think, and Girls against Boys.

Larson is the founder of Lumen Project, an organization that brings long-form sound and light events to locations worldwide. In 2019 the organization presented in Stockholm, New York, Iceland, and Beirut, Lebanon. He is also the co-curator of the DREAM MUSIC series at Malmö Live.

Last updated: 2021-03-04