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The most frequent questions.

FAQ about tickets

What is the easiest way to buy tickets?

The easiest way to buy tickets is via the website. You can view our entire programme by clicking here.

Can I buy tickets over the phone?

You can book tickets over the phone by calling +46 (0)40 34 35 00. Booked tickets must be paid for in good time prior to the concert, either with a credit or debit card in the Box Office at Malmö Live, or directly over the phone. Take your booking reference to the Box Office, and please remember that we are unable to accept cash payment.

What are the alternatives if I want to have my tickets delivered?

There are three different ways by which to receive your tickets:

PDF ticket: You can receive your tickets as a .pdf file via email, after which you can easily print out the tickets yourself.

Postal service: The tickets can be posted to you for a fee of SEK 30.

Collection from Box Office: You can collect your tickets from the Box Office at Malmö Live. 

Can I pay with cash at the Box Office?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to accept cash payment at the Box Office, and payment can only be made with credit or debit card.

Where is the Box Office?

Malmö Live Concert Hall, on the 1st floor

Dag Hammarskjölds torg 4 

Are discounts available for children, young people, students and senior citizens?

Child discount: The availability of child discount at certain concerts is indicated when you select your seat(s). The age limit for child discount is generally 17 years of age (unless otherwise stated) 

Youth discount: The availability of youth discount at certain concerts is indicated when you select your seat(s). The age limit for youth discount is generally 26 years of age (unless otherwise stated)

Student discount: The availability of student discount at certain concerts is indicated when you select your seat(s). You will need to show your student ID at the entrance to the auditorium if the usher asks you to do so.

Senior citizen discount: The availability of senior citizen discount at certain concerts is indicated when you select your seat(s). You are deemed to be a senior citizen from the age of 65 or if you receive full-time disability pension. You will need to show proof of age/disability pension at the entrance to the auditorium if the usher asks you to do so. 

What is a restricted view (lyssnarplats) ticket?

A restricted view ticket is a ticket for a seat with a restricted or very restricted view. These tickets are cheaper than tickets for other seats, but you should expect to have to lean forward somewhat in order to be able to see the stage.

Who needs a ticket?

Everyone who attends a concert needs to have a ticket, regardless of age. An age limit applies to many of our concerts – this information is available on the information page for each concert/event.

Can I use the Malmönyckeln card or similar cards at Malmö Live Concert Hall?

Malmö Live Concert Hall collaborates with Malmönyckeln – a card designed to make it easier for persons with disabilities to enjoy activities in society. With the help of the Malmönyckeln card, a disabled person may take along a support person to our concerts with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra at no extra cost. It is the cardholder himself or herself who chooses the support person. Equivalent cards or equivalent certificates from other Swedish municipalities are also valid at Malmö Live Concert Hall, to ensure equal opportunity for anyone in need of a support person escort to visit us. Please remember to have your Malmönyckeln card or equivalent card/certificate available when you visit us or buy tickets. 

Can I cancel my ticket for a refund?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds on tickets that have already been purchased. 

Can I exchange my ticket for another concert?

If you have a ticket to a concert, it is possible to exchange it for a ticket to another concert up to 3 days prior to the original concert. Such a ticket exchange costs SEK 30 and only applies to MSO concerts. 

Can I buy tickets via a secondary market?

We recommend that you do not purchase tickets to Malmö Live Concert Hall via a secondary market due to the risk of incorrect/fake tickets being sold on such markets. We accept no responsibility in relation to incorrect/fake tickets that have been purchased via a secondary market. 

Where can I buy a gift voucher?

Gift vouchers can be purchased at the Box Office and only apply to Malmö Live Concert Hall’s own productions and productions from external organisers for which Malmö Live Concert Hall is responsible for ticket sales. A gift voucher is valid for 2 years from date of purchase.

You can also purchase gift vouchers via our website by clicking here.


Amenities at Malmö Live

Does Malmö Live have facilities for the disabled?

Malmö Live provides access for disabled persons. Wheelchair places at concerts can be booked by calling +46 (0)40 34 35 00. There are large and well-marked elevators on all floors. Persons with impaired hearing can borrow a hearing aid from the Customer Centre.

Where are the cloakrooms at Malmö Live, and do they cost anything?

There is a cloakroom on the garage level, and cloakrooms are also made available on floors 1 and 2 during larger events and when otherwise needed. The cloakroom facility can be used free of charge at concerts arranged by Malmö Live Concert Hall. External organisers charge a cloakroom fee of SEK 20. Information about whether an external organiser is responsible for a concert/event is specified in each event description. An external organiser’s cloakroom fee can be paid by cash or card. 

Is it possible to see an auditorium seating plan and the layout of public areas?

You can see a seating plan for the main auditorium at Malmö Live as well as the layout of public areas here.

Are there toilets on all floors at Malmö Live?

There are plenty of toilets at Malmö Live. Toilets are located adjacent to all foyers.

Where can I eat at Malmö Live?

At Malmö Live we offer everything you need for a fantastic evening out, with culture and culinary experiences of the highest class, regardless of whether you want to enjoy a delicious dinner before the concert, have a drink with friends in the sky bar, or just grab a cup of tea or coffee in peace and quiet. Call +46 (0)40 20 75 00 to make a reservation at one of Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live’s restaurants.


During the concert

May I take food or drink into the auditorium?

Food and drink may not be taken into the Main Concert Hall. It is, however, permitted to take drink into Kuben, and during many concerts there is also a bar open inside Kuben.

May I use my mobile phone during the concert?

Out of consideration for the artists and other members of the audience, please turn off your mobile phone or set it to silent mode when attending a concert. It is a good habit to do this when you hang your jacket etc. in the cloakroom. Not only do you avoid disturbing others at the concert, you also get to enjoy an evening without other people being able to reach you!

May I take pictures during the concert?

In general it is not permitted to use video or audio recording equipment during concerts. You are, however, welcome to take pictures with your mobile camera, but please make sure not to use a flash, as this will disturb the artists on stage. Feel free to use #malmölive and #malmösymfoniorkester when uploading your pictures on social media. Photography with a system camera is not permitted. 

What happens if I arrive late to the concert?

Please ask an usher for assistance, and you will be seated at the first available opportunity. 

Is there an age limit for concerts at Malmö Live?

If a concert has a recommended age limit, this information will be specified on the concert’s event information page and in conjunction with ticket purchases. For Teddy Bear concerts together with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra we recommend an age of 4 to 7 years.

Last updated 2020-04-15

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