Going to Nallekonsert is a fun and popular way for generations to socialize and enjoy music together! Not least because it is with the entire Malmö Symphony Orchestra and various guest artists and cultural profiles. In a playful way, the children are taken very seriously in the meeting with the symphony orchestra and the children get a nice introduction to the world of classical music. After the concerts, children and adults can munch on pancakes in the foyer.

And whatever your age, do not forget to bring your own teddy bear or stuffed animal of any kind!

There are usually about three to six Nalle Concerts per season. Keep an eye out here when they take place in the listing on this page.

The Nallekonsert concerts are recommended from 4 years.

Promobild, Nalleserien jubileumssäsongen 2024-25

Nalle Series

Four Nalle Concerts with 20% off. Nalle Concerts are for the children and their adults to explore the classical music playfully. This season, tag along when Nalle meets Mozart and the celebration of MSO with a grand birthday bash. 

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Nalle Concerts

Decorative event image for Nalle & the Superheros with Malmo Symphony Orchestra, season 2024–25
12 October 2024 100 - 195 SEK Concert Hall
Nalle & the Superheroes
How do you become a real superhero? Nalle enlists the help of MSO to investigate what real heroism is in a concert for the youngest audience at Malmo Live. 
Decorative event image for Nalle's Christmas Mess with Malmo Symphony Orchestra, season 2024–25
14 - 15 December 2024 100 - 195 SEK Concert Hall
Nalle's Christmas Mess
Get ready for Christmas with Nalle and MSO! Together, we create the Christmas spirit in a concert full of the seasonal magic and the music that goes with it.
Decorative event image for Nalle's Birthday Bash with Malmo Symphony Orchestra, season 2024–25
1 February 2025 100 - 195 SEK Concert Hall
Nalle's Birthday Bash
Nalle Concert as a grand party at Malmo Live! Join Nalle in celebrating MSO's 100th birthday with powerful birthday music, cake and balloons. 
Decorative event image for Nalle meets Mozart with Malmo Symphony Orchestra, season 2024–25
5 April 2025 100 - 195 SEK Concert Hall
Nalle meets Mozart
Join Nalle and MSO as they get to know a mischievous Mozart and his creativity. A playful encounter between the children and Mozart's most beloved compositions.

Activites before Nalle Concerts

Arrive early to let the children enjoy all the fun in the foyer of Malmö Live. There'll be arts and crafts as well as lovely music from Kulturskolan on Kanalscenen. Pancakes can be bought in the bars on the entry level.

Arts and Crafts with Nalle, Malmö Live Concert Hall

Arts and Crafts with Nalle

In connection with Nalle Concerts, there will be arts and crafts in the foyer.


Kulturskolan entertains

On Kanalscenen, students from various art schools in Skåne offer beautiful music. Take a moment to listen after the concert and perhaps discover a newfound curiosity for playing music yourself.

Pancakes at Nalle Concerts


Recharge your energy with delicious pancakes at the Nalle Concert. Pancakes can be purchased at the bars and the bistro on the entrance floor from 10 am🥞

Last updated: 2024-07-09