Children's Saturday

Your Saturday at Malmö Live

Accompanied by adults, the children get to familiarize themselves with various music styles and instruments they may never have encountered before. They also get to meet musicians and performers who are skilled at engaging with young audiences.

In the open spaces of the house or in the cozy stage environment of Kuben, we organize fun music performances where children feel included, and hopefully, we at Malmö Live have the opportunity to inspire an interest in music.

A warm welcome to us!

Upcoming Children's Saturday

Decorative event image for Ville, Valle, Viktor for Children's Saturday
14 September 2024 100 SEK Kuben
Children's Saturday
Ville, Valle and Viktor are back with the same warmth, humour and community involvement as they were in 70s. Take the opportunity to go with the whole family!
Decorative event image for Yoga to Live Music for Children's Saturday
5 October 2024 50 SEK Green Room
Children's Saturday
Relaxing and playful yoga for children. The session is led by a yoga instructor accompanied by live music played by a musician from Malmo Symphony Orchestra. 
Decorative event image for Britta Persson for Children's Saturday
9 November 2024 100 SEK Kuben
Children's Saturday: Britta Persson
A concert for children and their adults. Britta Persson performs music from her award-winning children’s album with timeless melodies and arrangements.
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