The joy of song multiplied; that’s the result when the Second-Year Choir rehearses and performs. The Second-Year Choir consists of all second-year students in the City of Malmö. Having rehearsed together for one school term with Malmö Kulturskola teachers Catrin and Margareta, as well as individually in their own classrooms, the second-year students gather for concerts at the Malmö Live Concert Hall, where three hundred of them take to the stage for every concert, creating a tremendous party atmosphere in the auditorium!


The teachers who have classes in school year one can report their classes to the autumn term the year they will be two years old. Remember to report the class on time as it is very popular. When the term begins, all participating teachers will call for a startup.

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Youtube: Tvåornas Kör has its own Youtube channel where all songs are recorded. Go to their Youtube-channel

Last updated: 2023-04-03