Our audience hosts are available both before and after a concert to guide guests correctly. Getting a few seats in the concert hall can be difficult for people with mobility difficulties if you go the wrong way. Contact one of our audience hosts for help.

Please contact our Ticket Center before your visit to get advice on suitable seats, entrances and report special needs in connection with the visit. Entrance B on the entrance level is especially recommended if you have mobility difficulties.

For you with hearing loss

For those with hearing loss, there are hearing aids to borrow in our large closet in the basement. There are two types of hearing aids, one for you with your own hearing aid and one for you who do not have a hearing aid.

The hearing aid says which channel on the aid you should use depending on where in the house the concert is, you choose the channel easily with a small knob.

The lifts at Malmö Live

We have a few different elevators that go to different levels and of different sizes.

2 lifts from the closet in the basement to the Ticket Center / entrance level
Can handle 630kg
Width: 890mm, length: 1420mm

2 lifts from foyer / entrance floor to floor
4 Can handle 1000kg
Width: 890mm, length: 2100mm

1 lifs lift from garage to Beringsgatan
Can handle 400kg
Width: 900mm, length: 1330mm


Last updated: 2021-03-01