What would a movie be without the music? All the excitement, comedy, romance and horror that we experience on film would not be much if the music was not included. At Malmö Live, we offer a whole bunch of famous and appreciated themes - everything from Harry Potter to Star wars. Sometimes a few tones are enough to create film magic. How many melodies will you recognize?

The orchestra and music are presented by Sanna Persson Halapi (who we also know as Pax) together with Malmö Live's music teacher Katarina Nilsson Bremer.

Remember to be out in good time, preferably 15-20 minutes before the concert starts!

Performances (10 & 11 May 2021):

- May 10 at 1pm

- May 11 at 9.15am

- May 11 at 1pm


Booking my schools in Malmö

You as a teacher at a school in Malmö can book tickets for concerts at: Kulturell allemansrätt för barn och unga i Malmö at kulturbokning.malmo.se

Booking of schools in Region Skåne

You as a teacher at a school in Skåne can send your application to [email protected]

Tickets SEK 30 / person for regional schools.


Last updated: 2021-03-04