Malmö Live Konserthus AB is run by business principles but does not have profit as motive.

According to our articles of association, Malmö Live Konserthus must, with its own productions, or in collaboration with others, arrange concerts and other cultural events as well as run related activities. This means offering concerts and events that contribute to strengthening Malmö as an attractive place for artists and cultural organizations to work at as well as giving the region's residents and visitors a wide range of culture.

Owner's Directive, in short

As a supplement to the articles of association, the municipal council in Malmö has established general and special ownership directives. In the special ownership directives it is stated that "Malmö Live Konserthus AB's operations mainly consist of four missions: Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Concert arrangements, Cultural policy offering and Meetingplace and renting out premises and venues to external producers".

Furthermore, "Malmö Live should profile Malmö as a music city, broaden the cultural mission and create a meeting place that is open and accessible to everyone".


Malmö Live Konserthus works in accordance with the goals established by the Malmö City Council. These goals have a new structure from 2020 and the UN's Global Goals within Agenda 2030 have been incorporated into Malmö city's target areas. The company also follows what is expressed in the owner's directive.

Furthermore, Malmö Live Konserthus must be based on the value basis that applies to the activities of the city of Malmö. It means that there must be an ethical awareness of environmental, economic, social, legal, cultural and business circumstances in society, with the intention of creating credibility for the company's operations and trust among its sphere of interest.

 The company's operations are also governed by the goals decided by Region Skåne and the state. Regional plans that govern the coming years are the Regional Cultural Plan 2021-2024 and "Conditions for grants" for each year.

Visions for the future

Malmö Live wants create meaningful meetings with music and contribute to make Malmö to be an attractive, innovative and lively music city, for residents in both the city and the region. Malmö Live wants to be an obvious and strong motivator to achieve this vision.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Malmö Live Konserthus AB was reformed on 16 December 2014 in conjunction with the formation of a new company and new owner directives.


The management team for Malmö Live Konserthus AB consists of the CEO, programme managers and all unit managers.

Last updated: 2024-01-18