Inside Malmö Live

Eatery Social Taqueria

Eatery Social Taqueria has clear influences from Mexico, the USA and Malmö. Here you can expect a mix of traditional Mexican cuisine with street food from LA and Malmö.

Kitchen & Table

Welcome to the sky bar in Malmhattan! The meeting place for the Malmöite and the global traveler, and also for the food culture from Manhattan and Malmö. Here, local ingredients mingle with multicultural taste favorites from Manhattan and Möllan on the same plate and the result is an unusually appetizing alliance.

Clarion Living Room Café/Bar

In the heart of Malmö Live you will find Malmö's living room, Living Room. It offers beautiful days and evenings with music, art and design in focus. A simpler lunch or coffee during the day and a botanical world with world-class Gin & Tonics in the evenings!

Around the block

Malmö Saluhall

Malmö Saluhall is an obvious destination for you who love good ingredients and good food. For the mixed, motley, creative and fun Malmö. For old and young, big and small. A market hall for everyone!

Restaurang Niagara

The craving for classic home cooking? Green, fresh dishes and delicious salads? Or Asian sting and sweetness? Whether you prefer meat, vegetarian, traditional or new, we give you something tasty to bite into!

Café Live

Café Live is centrally located and in the middle of Malmö's new cultural quarter, right between Malmö Live and the new Market Hall. Here we have created a "Home at home" feeling with good food and drink as well as opportunities for meetings and conferences during the day as well as private events in the evening and weekends.

Västra Station

Sometimes we know exactly where we are going and other times we do not know at all. But we are always on the move. To the convenience store, to Paris or somewhere in between. Whether you are on the road or just traveling in the tank, you are always welcome to us.

Grönt o' Gott

Our ambition is to provide our customers with affordable and fresh salads that taste delicious! We receive deliveries to our restaurants twice a day to ensure that our ingredients are as fresh as possible.

Café Godsmagasinet

Café Godsmagasinet is a newly opened café in the vibrant city centre of Malmoe! Enjoy a smooth, creamy and luxurious italian espresso with a Manhattan-like view. Try it with our signature cinnamon-rolls! Café Godsmagasinet - whenever you want a cozy, pleasureable and relaxing moment at the same time!

Last updated: 2023-01-11