Together with our music educators, you can try to experiment and interact with sound in a calm and atmospheric environment. You can also play various orchestral instruments e.g. violin and trumpet. The focus has been on making the music available. Admission is free and a ticket is valid for an adult and a child.

Arrive well in advance, as admission takes place at the appointed time.

The name Okii Nami comes from the Japanese word for "sea wave" and it refers to the movements of the sound waves and Malmö Live's proximity to the sea. Also on other levels, the inspiration has come from Japan. Outside the room hang large origami birds. But instead of the Japanese cranes, folded seagulls hang as an anchor in the Swedish environment. The room is designed by children's culture designer Sara Stiber and set designer Ilkka Häikiö.

For those children who are not old enough, there is a separate section where they can also try instruments. On weekdays, Okii Nami is filled with school classes within the framework of Malmö Live's Creative School project "Symphony course Live" for grades 4 and 5. 

We support the Okii Nami business

Okii Nami is implemented with financial support from Sparbanksstiftelserna SkåneFärs & Frosta and FinnSwedbank and also Elly Berggrens stiftelse.


Last updated: 2021-03-29