Bistro Live på Malmo Live Konserthus

Bistro Live is Malmö Live Concert Hall's restaurant and a space for all senses, where the scent of freshly baked bread, the light from the canal, and the taste of delicious food interact with music from the concert hall.

We want our building to buzz with conversations. Here, people can meet during lunch, before or after a concert. The food is to reflect the high quality that Malmö Live has delivered in musical experiences over the past ten years. It is a place for all senses where food and music create memorable moments.

The focus is on rustic and flavourful food, cooked from scratch on-site, with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. The menu draws inspiration from both Scandinavian and Southern European cuisines and will offer everything from light snacks to full meals – and the fantastic shrimp sandwich is, of course, also on the menu.

Opening Hours & Contact Information

Monday - Tuesday: closed
Wednesday - Sunday: 11.30-14.30

  • Furthermore! Bistro Live is open 2 hours before concerts in the grand concert hall.


Closed: June 7–9th

Closed for summer: June 21st – September 3rd

  • During the summer period, Bistro Live's intermission bookings and bars will be kept open during concerts. 

Address: Fiskehamnsgatan 9, 211 18 Malmö
Email: @email

Risotto, a part of the menu at Bistro Live.


Check out our menu, there's something for every taste! From light snacks to full meals, the classic shrimp sandwich and other delicious sandwiches, Northern Italian risotto, and more. Click here to read our menus. *Observe, the menu is in Swedish.

 Young man enjoys a drink during the interval, presented by Bistro Live

Interval Booking & Bars

During the interval – and sometimes before events – you can enjoy Malmö Live's shrimp sandwich, or something else delightful from the pre-order menu. When you pre-book, we ensure that your food is ready and set up on site. Click here to pre-order food and drinks. *Observe, the text is in Swedish.

Finding Bistro Live

Last updated: 2024-06-03