Johann Soustrot

Place of birth: Narbonne, France 

What year did you begin to play your instrument, and why that specific instrument? 1993, I was too small to remember why I chose this instrument (I was just 3 years old). 

When did you begin to work in MSO? 2014

What does your educational background look like? I went through Conservatory in France where I got all my degrees, then I played for a Jean Lenert at Schola Cantorum in Paris for more orchestra centered formation.

What is you favorite moment from your time in the MSO? My best memory was when I had to play Soloist with MSO during the Bach festival, I played the concerto for Violin and Oboe.

In what other orchestras/ensembles or other contexts have you worked? My first gig with a professional orchestra was in Toulouse (France) - Orchestre du capitole, in the second violins section for a Ballet from A. Adam. I also formed a chamber orchestra with my friends for Summer Festivals in France.

Who is you favorite composer? I have too many favourites to stop at one but R. Strauss , G. Mahler , J. Brahms amongst many other.

What do you prefer to do in your spare time? When I don't practice it can be many things: Ride in the country side on MC, playing with my cats, gaming, going fishing, watching concerts... 

What is your favourite food? The one I make myself but mostly French Cusine.

Why should everyone go and listen to symphonic music? To listen to an orchestra on a real performance gives you an other perception of the music, with the vibrations of the bases in the floor, the power of the brass and percussions and the finesse of the strings sections , that is an experience you can't have while looking at your computer or TV

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Last updated: 2021-03-11