Gregory Vartian-Foss

Place of birth: New York City, USA

What year did you begin to play your instrument, and why that specific instrument? I started to play music at an early age. I began playing saxophone when I was 8, electric bass at 15, and contrabass at 19. I got involved with music at school because my parents encouraged me and we had a great jazz teacher on the faculty. 

When did you begin to work in MSO? 2017

What does your educational background look like? Bachelor of Music from Indiana University and Master of Music from Yale University. 

What is you favorite moment from your time in the MSO? Playing in the Elphilharmonie was a highlight of my life and I’m glad I got share that experiences with my colleagues. 

In what other orchestras/ensembles or other contexts have you worked? Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra tutti bass (2015-2018), Bergen Philharmonic (tours to England and Germany), Royal Northern Sinfonia (guest principal), Ensemble Modern Orchestra (guest on multiple projects) 

Who is you favorite composer? Too many. Sibelius, Ligeti, Beethoven, Bach, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. 

What do you prefer to do in your spare time? Compose electronic music and DJ

What is your favourite food? Indian 

Why should everyone go and listen to symphonic music? It provides an escape from our daily lives, to become immersed in another world. 

Double bass
Double bass
Last updated: 2021-02-01