Christiane Delling

Place of birth: Hamburg, Germany

What year did you begin to play your instrument, and why that specific instrument? Finally when I was 13 after talking my parents in to it for years... I fell in love with the sound while I was singing in a children choir together with an orchestra. I am still very much in love with the sound. 

When did you begin to work in MSO? 1995

What does your educational background look like? My studies where first at Musikhochschule Freiburg with Prof Hans Elhorst and later at Musikhochschule Köln with Prof Helmut Hucke. Besides that I learned a lot from masterclasses with Prof Ingo Goritzki and from listening to the lessons of Prof Heinz Holliger in Freiburg. But playing with the german youth orchestras was my biggest experience; first Landesjugendorchester Baden - Württemberg and then the National Youth Orchestra of Germany. These experiences made me choose my profession as an orchestra musician which is still a big love of mine ! 

What is you favorite moment from your time in the MSO? Our concert at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg 2019.

In what other orchestras/ensembles or other contexts have you worked? When I was around 20 years old, I played with a lot of south german chamber orchestras. We travelled the world playing Mozart and I have become to love the parts of the oboe in that orchestration: strings, 2 oboes, 2 horns in his music. I still feel excited whenever we play in that combination. 
Before I came to MSO I played a year in the Gürzenich Orchestra Köln/Cologne and the season 2018/19 I joined the Opera orchestra Malmö; both great opera experiences. 

Who is you favorite composer? Just one ? Bach. One more ? Beethoven. Some more ? Too many ...

What do you prefer to do in your spare time? I enjoy running along the ocean as well as doing yoga in 40 degrees. Sharing time with my four daughters, watching my cats, meditating and letting myself be surprised by the beauty of life.

What is your tip on activity in Malmö? Kallbadhuset

What is your favourite food? Swedish surströmming...

Why should everyone go and listen to symphonic music? We will take you to places you have never experienced before. 

co-principal - oboe
Last updated: 2021-03-31