Adam Wozniak

Place of birth: Kraków, Poland 

What year did you begin to play your instrument, and why that specific instrument? I started in 1997. There was no vacant place in percussion class, which I wanted to attend so I Ended up with a cello in my hands. And I have no idea why I have chosen the cello. 

When did you begin to work in MSO? 2017

What does your educational background look like? I was studying in music school in Kraków, then I made my bachelor and master degree in Academy of Music in Kraków, i was also studying in Lübeck, Germany and I made my postgraduate chamber music studies in Katowice. 

What is you favorite moment from your time in the MSO? I would say that it was the Italian tour in 2020 just before the world's lock-down. 

In what other orchestras/ensembles or other contexts have you worked? I was working for almost two years in Sinfonietta Cracovia, before I came to Malmö. Besides orchestral performing I played many chamber and solo concerts in Europe. 

Who is you favorite composer? I don't have any specific one, but Shostakovich, Penderecki, Tchaikovsky and Schumann would be among my favorite ones. 

What do you prefer to do in your spare time? Carving wooden spoons and cups, skateboarding and hiking in the nature.

What is your tip on activity in Malmö? Definitely skateboarding. 

What is your favourite food? Indian, Italian and Asian cuisine.

Why should everyone go and listen to symphonic music? It has a power of unspoken words, extreme emotions and beautiful stories. It brings joy, love, sadness, anger and all other emotions kept in our minds. 


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Last updated: 2021-03-28