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Through the initiative, we also want to contribute inspiration to develop more creative cultural events.

Every year, GRL PWR MLM organizes a party for young girls and non-binaries at Malmö Live. This year's party was a tribute to Billie Eilish and was inspired by themes in the song "My Future" and the activities revolved around future dreams, strength and positivity. During the party, the young people could dress up as Billie Eilish and participate in a workshop where they could discuss their dreams and their views on freedom. They also got to write a letter to their future selves and they got the opportunity to be creative and create everything from bracelets to paintings. On site, they could also dance at our Tiktok station and in the Bow Down Dance Academy's workshop. Of course we are planning a new GRL PWR MLM party 2021, theme for the party we will return with, but we can promise you that it will be festive, inspiring and a lot of girlpower!

In the past we have had a Cherrie party where hundreds of girls and non-binaries got to listen to the R&B star Cherrie, and before that we had a tribute party to RIhanna. In 2017, the initiative started and then Linda Pira was at Malmö Live and offered a show for the young people.

The network today consists of 040 Live, AKT: 040 Live, AKT: Malmö Opera, Arena 305, Bowdown Dance Academy, Feelings of the Youth, Forza Rosengård, FreeZone, Helamalmö, Malbas, Malmösystrar, Mentor Malmö, Möllans Basement, Nyckeln Till Friheten, Somaliska Freds and Tillsammans i förening. All associations that work to strengthen young girls and non-binaries' self-esteem and creativity are welcome to join.

Representatives of the associations meet regularly and plan for the future together. Please contact Gry Arendse Voss, coordinator 040 Live at @email.

Last updated: 2024-02-15