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040 Live is a collaboration between Malmö Live Concert Hall and youth organizations / associations in Malmö and its surrounding municipalities. The collaboration means that Malmö Live Concert Hall offers premises, conditions and guidance - while the associations themselves can be creative and produce cultural events for Malmö's young people. The content can consist of everything from music and dance competitions to concerts, workshops, exhibitions and cultural conversations.

The young people, who are 13-26 years old, also get the opportunity to go to concerts free of charge and above all they get to participate in the programming at Malmö Live Konserthus, which strengthens their voices, but also Malmö Live Konserthus relevance for young people.

Every year, at least 6 events are arranged by 040 Live member organizations / associations and twice a year, larger events are arranged together with Malmö Live Concert Hall. GRL PWR MLM is one such example, where hundreds of girls between the ages of 13 and 18 gather to dance together, listen to their favorite artists and learn everything from street art to self-defence.


Does this sound like something for your association? Do not hesitate to contact Gry Arendse Voss, coordinator 040 Live at @email.

Member organizations / associations

Arena 305
Drömmarnas Hus
Mentor Malmö
Möllans Basement
Nyckeln Till Friheten
Skåne Stadsmission - Unga Forum 
Tillsammans i Förening
The Unnie Vibe Academy
Payk Media 


040 Live is sponsored by PWCTepe and Sigeman & Co

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Last updated: 2024-02-15