Tchaikovsky Festival #4 2023

25 March 2023
Concert hall
2 hours 5 minutes (Incl. intermission)
Malmo Live Concert Hall
Sat 25 Mar 13:00 Passed
145 - 295 kr
Concert information

Due to production reasons, we need to adjust the concerts of the Tchaikovsky Festival. The festival still features several Tchaikovsky symphonies in a mixed program of well-known and beloved symphonies, as well as the less frequently performed symphonies.

Tchaikovsky Festival #4

Up and among the Swiss mountain peaks, in the company of Manfred, the Alpine elf and friendly mountain dwellers.

The Manfred Symphony is categorized as program music and based on Lord Byron's drama about a nobleman and the dark magician Manfred, who is tormented by ruminations and a guilty conscience. The question that gnaws at him is whether he has caused the death of his beloved Arstate. Tchaikovsky wrote the Manfred Symphony in the summer of 1885 and it counts outside his numbered symphonies, but chronologically it falls between the fourth and fifth. The ending depicts a hellish orgy where Manfred meets his fate. The composer plays out his entire palette and spices it up with fire, "con fuoco".



Tjajkovskij, Pjotr Manfred Symphony
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