Shostakovich No. 9 (saturday)

14 May 2022
Concert Hall
approax. 1 hour
Malmö Live Konserthus
Sat 14 May 13:00 Passed
145 - 295 SEK
Dmitrij Sjostakovitj

About Shostakovich No. 9 (Saturday)

Concert Românesc is an early work by Ligeti in which he combines symphonic tonality with folk music from his childhood in the Carpathian Mountains.

Just like Ligeti, Du Yun has an anthropological point of departure in her work Kraken. The title alludes to a legendary sea monster which, according to folklore, could drag entire ships down into the depths of the ocean. With elastic tone clusters, Du Yun embodies the incalculable and serpentine nature of the mythical creature.

Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 9 is short and cheerful, even bordering on comical. It was initially well received after its premiere in 1945, but was then later censured and banned until Stalin was dead and buried.

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