Low Brass Concerto

20 Jan 2022
Concert hall
1 hour
Malmö Live Konserthus
Thu 20 Jan 19:00 Sold out
145 - 440 sek

About Low Brass Concerto

A storm from hell, a hair-raising moonlit night, a hectic Sunday morning and the flame-coloured glitter of the dawn light on the sea. Four Sea Interludes consists of four interludes from Britten’s acclaimed opera Peter Grimes from 1945.

Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony is also very dramatic in places, erupting into powerfully expressive musical outbursts between its moving sections.

Lastly we have the Nordic premiere of Low Brass Concerto by Jennifer Higdon, a rhythmically challenging piece in which the four solo parts are written for low brass instruments: bass tuba, bass trombone and two tenor trombones.

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