Book a concert series 2020-21

Book a concert series 2020-21

A concert series offers you a range of enriching experiences to look forward to in the company of the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Series mean better ticket prices, the same seat in the hall and many other benefits throughout the season.

Not only that but, as a subscriber, you have the opportunity to meet new friends and fellow music aficionados with whom you can share your concert evenings.


Join MSO and Robert Trevino in the upcoming season, his second as the orchestra’s chief conductor. The deepening collaboration between him and the musicians features an all- encompassing festival with Tchaikovsky’s symphonies, as well as closer looks at composers such as Messiaen, Elgar, Schoenberg and Barber.


In addition to this, the season offers three world premieres and anniversaries for two Swedish composers. MSO will also perform works by the great orchestral composers Bruckner and Mahler.


Welcome to step inside the music!



Concert series with Malmö Symphony Orchestra



Last updated 2020-06-08