The course is aimed at middle-school classes in Years 4 and 5 and allows the children to meet professional musicians from the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and discover their own musical abilities. The children meet both musicians and music teachers, try their musical wings and attend a concert by the MSO in the Malmö Live Concert Hall. Symphony Course Live consists of three parts which can be completed in any order. 

A visit to the school by a musician

Each school will be visited by a musician from the Malmö Symphony Orchestra together with a music teacher from Malmö Live. All participating students and teachers at each school will be seen in a suitable locale such as the music room, auditorium, canteen or similar.

The visit is intended to allow students to get to know a professional musician from the MSO, ask questions about a musician’s working day and how to become a musician, etc. Students are welcome to prepare questions prior to the visit. If there is piano available, there may also be a few duets between solo instruments and piano.

Study visit to Malmö Live with instrument try-outs and more

Each class (one class at a time) will pay a study visit to Malmö Live. Students will explore the concert hall with music teachers, learn about the composition of the orchestra, which instruments are part of the orchestra and attempt to produce sound from the various instruments. 

School concerts with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra

All classes will attend a school concert at Malmö Live. These concerts are designed from an educational perspective and with the purpose of providing students with a unique symphonic concert-going experience.

The musician who visited the children at school may well drop by to say hello during the visit.

Information and bookings

The three stages of Symphony Course Live will be planned in consultation between the school and Malmö Live to ensure that each school receives an arrangement tailored to its situation. The three stages of the course can be completed in any order.

The course is arranged in such a way as to be suitable for partial funding by a Creative Schools grant and/or within the framework of municipal culture guarantees. 

The cost of participating in the course is SEK 3,750 per class.

For more information, please contact: 

Katarina Nilsson Bremer

Music pedagogue



We support the Symphony course LIVE

The symphony course LIVE is carried out with financial support from Sparbanksstiftelserna SkåneFärs & Frosta och FinnSwedbank and Elly Berggrens stiftelse.

Last updated: 2023-04-25