With an open and inclusive program that is of interest to the outside world, Malmö Live is an attractive partner and enabler for companies that sincerely want to be committed to improving society together with others.

Out partners

Sparbankstiftelsen Skåne
Sparbankstiftelsen Färs & Frosta
Sparbankstiftelsen Finn
Sparbankstiftelsen Gripen

You become an enabler

Our network brings together committed companies that want to make a real difference. With music as a starting point, you can also become an enabler for events and experiences that affect young people's development in a positive way, and in the long run contribute to a sustainable society with strong social cohesion. We reach out widely, but especially to those who for social, cultural or economic reasons do not otherwise have the opportunity for cultural experiences in their everyday lives.

The idea for Nätverket Live arose through the collaboration between Skanska and Malmö Live in connection with the block being built, and is a long-term community involvement and a cultural investment. Big visions require brave enablers from different parts of society and together we make a difference and use the opportunities of culture as an important factor of change.

We call this Corporate Cultural Responsibility, CCR.

Inspiration, participation, forward thinking

Every youth we can inspire and help increase their experience is a benefit to society. Since 2016, the 040 Live project has involved several young people in both programming and production of activities visited by thousands of young people. It has created an increased understanding of and curiosity about the cultural industry and what there is for future development opportunities. Participating in production and implementation also strengthens both self-esteem and self-confidence for those involved.

Through the collaboration with the business community, Malmö Live has shown that there are alternatives for future employment for young people who do not have a network. We call this CCR translated into concrete action. We need help to continue this work and are still looking for more enablers in the Live Network. Please contact us for more information.

Want to get in touch? Please contact Karin Karlsson, Head of artistic programming, @email


Last updated: 2023-04-25