“Swan Lake” – Moscow Theatre “Classical Ballet”

The Concert Hall
approx. 2 h 30 min incl. intermission
From 7 years

The historical premiere of the ballet “Swan Lake” took place in 1895 at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. “Swan Lake” is an outstanding ballet set to the music of the brilliant composer P.Tchaikovsky in the internationally recognised production of M.Petipa and L.Ivanov. The ballet “Swan Lake” tells the story about struggle for love and happiness against dark forces, about love as the highest manifestation of humanity. The plot is based on an old German legend about a beautiful girl named Odette who was turned into a white swan. Only selfless love and loyalty could free her from the spell. A romantic young man, Prince Siegfried happens on a magical lake, sees Odette, decides she is the one, falls madly in love and swears to always be true to her. But an evil sorcerer stands in the way of the Prince’s dream. 

Ever since its beginnings, the romantic images of “Swan Lake” have excited both adults and children alike and inspired choreographers worldwide. This magnificent production, widely known and loved by people around the globe, symbolises the art of ballet.

"Swan Lake" holds a special place in the repertoire of Moscow Theatre’s "Classical Ballet of the XXI Century", which is headed by the Honoured Stage Artist of the Russian Federation, Elisabeth Nebesnaya. The main task of the theatre is to preserve the traditions of classical Russian ballet, and, by means of 21st century technologies, to make them understandable to modern-day viewers.


Olga Azizova - a board member of the company "WORLDSTARS", and the organiser of Moscow Theatre’s “Classical Ballet” guest performances:

“I am proud that for 9 years, WORLDSTARS has been organising grandiose projects in the field of ballet art in four countries - Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Norway. Over the years, gala concerts of world ballet stars and performances organised by WORLDSTARS have made it possible for tens of thousands of spectators to partake in an unforgettable celebration of art and beauty and see that classical ballet is a truly breathtaking, touching and graceful art form. I am happy to announce that on 15 November 2020 at Malmö Live Concert Hall Moscow Theatre “Classical Ballet” will present the legendary ballet performance of P.Tchaikovsky “Swan Lake” - a story about love and loyalty, betrayal and the trials of the human soul. I am sure that when the main characters enrapture and captivate you to the happenings on the stage, and the subtle movements of the hands of the ballerinas amaze you to the core, this special ballet will forever remain in your memory and in your heart. It is very important for me that every spectator finds something special in the performance, something that truly speaks to them. Come and see the ballet “Swan Lake”, and when after the performance you are happily applauding the artists, you will be glad to have spent this evening with us!”

Last updated: 2021-01-18