Nalle meets monsters

29 January 2022
Concert Hall
approax. 45 minutes
Malmö Live Konserthus
Sat 29 Jan 11:00 Passed
Sat 29 Jan 13:00 Passed
Sat 29 Jan 15:00 Passed
100 - 175 SEK

Is there anything scarier than monsters? Nalle is quite scared of all monsters, but at the same time there is something that makes him want to meet them anyway.

So what is a monster really? Are they always hairy with big teeth? Or can they have an entirely different appearance? And where do they exist? Are they everywhere, or nowhere at all, or could they even exist inside us? Nalle believes that there are also monsters in the music, and he really wants to find out what they sound like. If you want to enjoy a concert with lots of monster fun, grab your favourite stuffed animal and come to Malmö Live!

Last updated: 2021-12-03