Short about Malmö Live in English

During 2015 Malmö got a long-awaited concert hall with world-class acoustics and a new home for Malmö Symphony Orchestra. The Malmö Live buildings includes two concert halls, a conference hall and a hotel with 444 rooms. You can spend all day at Malmö Live and find something to do for the whole family. Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live runs the hotel and congress, and Malmö Live Konserthus AB runs the concert halls with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and other events.


Malmö Live is open to all generations and genres. The concert halls, spread across a couple of different stages have the latest technology and an amazing acoustics that make the house as attractive for contemporary performing arts as for traditional concerts. There is also space for contemporary circus, dance, dj's, exhibitions, club, lectures and conversations. Being a flexible house with a great pulse and heat we often have different things on multiple scenes simultaneously - around the house as well as in the outdoor area and on the large wooden deck outside by the canal. 

We at Malmö Live Concert Halls work with music, extended musical and other artistic experiences - programs and arrangements of music borderland but with a musical base or connection. 

We want to reflect Malmö, and therefore the programming is at the cutting edge. The Concert Halls at Malmö Live offers musical experiences of all genres, in large and small format. Malmö Live Concert Halls works to break down barriers and lower thresholds to be everyone's concert hall.


The large concert hall at Malmö Live is one with world-class acoustics and can accommodate 1707 people. The acoustics are modeled after the Musikverein in Vienna, the hall which is widely considered to have the world's best acoustics. The acoustics is very important and despite great emphasis on sound and function the large concert hall is sober beautiful and the reflective surfaces in the ceiling and along the walls have a clear aesthetic function. 



The Malmo Symphony Orchestras (MSO) new home in the concert hall at Malmo Live gives the orchestra fantastic new opportunities to both play and develop. Malmo Live will renew the symphonic and classical music's role and at the same time create space and attention to cross-border musical collaborations.


Founded in 1925, the Malmö SymfoniOrkester is one of Sweden's four major symphony orchestras. Malmö Symphony Orchestra has close to 100 members in the orchestra, which offers a new concert almost every week. Either under the direction of chief conductor Marc Soustrot or guest conductors, and often accompanied by soloists from around the world to present a magnetic annual concert season. MSO recently took residence at Malmö Live Concert Halls, a truly state-of-the-art facility and part of the Malmö Live complex.



Malmö Live is a unique place. Under the same roof is the wholly owned municipal company Malmö Live Concert Halls and the commercial company Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live.


A hotel with 444 rooms and a capacity for 1,500 participants in the congress hall and additional parallel meetings in other conference rooms – Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live is an arena in a size that is unprecedented in the region. The flexible premises opens up a range of new arrangements in many different forms that you can customize to the smallest detail.


Read more about the hotel here, and the restaurants here (please note, link destination in swedish). 

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