Sebastian Mullaert & Subchamber Ensmble - Natthall (Världspremiär!)

17 jun 2021
Digitala Konserthuset
ca 1 timme 30 minuter
Malmö Live Konserthus i samarbete med Inkonst
Thu 17 Jun 19:00 Passed
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Ali M. Demirel, Mossforms
Sebastian Mullaert & Subchamber Ensmble - Natthall (From Malmö Live for Intonal Festival 2021)

Konserten kommer att visas på den här sidan, torsdag 17 juni kl. 19.00. 

This free online video stream, presents the world premiere of “Natthall” - a live performance in which Sebastian Mullaert and Subchamber Ensmble attempt to bridge the divide between electronic and classical music, a step further. The concert features an hour of previously unheard repertoire, performed at the spectacular Malmö Live concert house, and is commissioned by Intonal Festival 2021. 

Sebastian Mullaert has won much international acclaim for his very personal take on electronic dance music, heavily inspired by the grand forests, meandering lakes and enchanted hills that surround his home in Röstånga, neighbouring the Söderåsen National Park. It’s a little known fact, however, that he started out as a classical violinist and pianist. With Natthall Mullaert comes full circle. At his side sits the Subchamber Ensmble, a collection of musicians operating outside of the traditional orchestral context, established by eminent cellist Gerda Holmqvist and renowned film score composer Nathan Larson.

During the last few years Sebastian Mullaert has been deeply immersed in the concept of live improvisation, through various projects, both as a solo artists and together with his widely applauded touring concept Circle of Live. With Natthall Mullaert goes even further. The project began as a collaboration and grand concert together with the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich in Switzerland in 2017. From these recordings, emerged the debut album “Natthall”, which was nominated by BBC Music Magazine in their highly coveted "Top 10 Post-Classical Albums of 2020” list. This work acted as a starting point for the collaboration with Subchamber Ensmble and quickly evolved into a body of work, which showcases a number of new compositions, developed and performed in an approach rooted in improvisation.

Patterns, and the idea of subtle repetition, deeply inform Natthall. “Nature is an expression of patterns; trees, water, the weather,” Mullaert explains. “This mix of everything, bubbling away, feels very vital. Improvised music has the same power. It has all these different phases, and beautiful moments just spring out. For me, that’s a beautiful presentation of our life, and has the power to actually invite someone to relax into listening or dancing. Or just being in the moment.”

Funded by Region Skåne and Kulturrådet. Thanks also to Inter Arts Center.


Sebastian Mullaert
Sebastian Mullaert har gjort sig känd världen över för sitt alldeles egna musikaliska formspråk. Verkligt organisk dansmusik, inspirerad av de djupa skogarna, vindlande älvarna och trolska bergsknallar som omger hans hem i Röstånga, vid gränsen till Söderåsens Nationalpark. Mindre känt är att han började sin musikaliska bana som klassisk violinist och pianist. Sebastian Mullaert har på senare tid blivit allt mer uppslukad av live-framförd improvisation i olika former. Hans senaste album, ”A Place Called • Inkonst“ på Kontra-Musik är en slags resa in i improvisationens och publikupplevelsens värld som inte liknar något annat.
Subchamber Ensmble kammarorkester
En kammarorkester som är ett kollektiv – kompositören Nathan Larson och cellisten Gerda Holmqvist (Vindla String Quartet) startade 2018 gruppen som består av frilansmusiker och som bygger på improvisation inom den klassiska musikens värld. Nyligen släpptes debutalbumet SUBCHAMBER ENSMBLE på Oona Records.

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