Girlpower Malmö

Girlpower Malmö


The Girlpower Malmö network was launched to create stronger bonds between girls in the age group 13-18 in Malmö and to inspire them to arrange cool events together.

Their first major event took place during autumn 2017 prior to a concert by hip-hop artist Linda Pira, when the network arranged a pre-party with workshops, dance, photography, book launch, networking and, finally, the concert itself – all at Malmö Live.


The network currently consists of a number of associations in Malmö: 040 Live, Hela Malmö, Tjejer i förening, FC Rosengård, Bowdown Dance Academy, LB07, United Sisters, Futebol Dá Forca, Skåneidrotten, Crime City Rollers, Föreningen Storasyster and Enter/Stadsmissionen, with new members always welcome!


Representatives of the various associations meet on a regular basis and plan for the future together. If you and your association would like to join, please contact Anna Storåkers, producer, at Malmö Live via email at anna.storakers [at]!

Last updated 2020-01-15

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