Malmö Kulturskola

For some years, Malmö Live and Malmö Symphony Orchestra have been involved in a collaboration with Malmö Kulturskola. Malmö Kulturskola has also held a number of its concerts in Malmö Live’s concert venues.


A large proportion of Malmö Kulturskola’s performances take place at Malmö Live. These include its annual spring show, Gala för Världens Barn (gala for the world’s children) and Side by Side.


El Sistema & Malmö Symphony Orchestra

The MSO has been collaborating with Malmö Kulturskola on El Sistema activities since 2013, when the Malmö programme began at Kroksbäck School and Holma School. Members of the orchestra regularly attend activities to provide inspiration and El Sistema students occasionally perform with the MSO, for example during Side by Side concerts.


El Sistema is a form of music education developed in Venezuela, in which music is used as a tool for social and personal development. The method is now established in over 50 countries worldwide, and hundreds of children from various Malmö schools are currently involved.


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The Second-Year Choir

The joy of song multiplied; that’s the result when the Second-Year Choir rehearses and performs. The Second-Year Choir consists of all second-year students in the City of Malmö. Having rehearsed together for one school term with Malmö Kulturskola teachers Catrin and Margareta, as well as individually in their own classrooms, the second-year students gather for concerts at the Malmö Live Concert Hall, where three hundred of them take to the stage for every concert, creating a tremendous party atmosphere in the auditorium!


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