An experimental music space for everyone over seven years of age!

Try experimental instruments such as aerodrums, or why not trumpet or violin? Okii Nami, on the fourth floor of the concert hall, is designed to stimulate the imagination of children over seven years of age, who can try various instruments together with Malmö Live’s music teachers. Entry and trying instruments are free.

The space includes both experimental instruments, such as aerodrums and Theremins, as well as many of the traditional orchestral instruments such as violin, trumpet and trombone. The emphasis is on making music accessible and we therefore also have a Skoog, a programmable musical instrument designed to be accessible to people with disabilities.


The name Okii Nami comes from the Japanese word for an offshore wave and refers to the movement of soundwaves and Malmö Live’s proximity to the sea. Inspiration has also been drawn from Japan on other levels. Large origami birds hang outside the room, although instead of Japanese cranes, we have folded sea gulls that firmly root us in the Swedish landscape. The room itself is the work of child culture designer Sara Stiber and scenographer Ilkka Häikiö.


Younger children have their own area where they too can try instruments. On weekdays, Okii Nami is filled with school classes in Years 4 and 5 within the framework of Malmö Live’s Creative Schools project Symphony Course Live.


Opening hours

Normal opening hours at Okii Nami are every Saturday and Sunday between 11 am and 3 pm during the autum. 

We support the activities at Okii Nami

OKII NAMI made possible by support from Sparbanksstiftelserna Skåne, Färs & Frosta och Finn, Swedbank and Elly Berggrens stiftelse.


Last updated 2020-02-10

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