For one month each year, the interactive audiovisual artwork KLONK moves into our concert venue Kuben. This is a month especially for the kids, with concerts, art, workshops and games gathered under the heading, Play, search, sound. KLONK is a magical, wordless world; a world comprised solely of audiovisual impressions – a kind of parallel universe for children of all ages.

In KLONK. children have the opportunity to approach music in a creative way. They can search for and discover sounds through play, or by listening to our musicians. They can also meet the Klonks, who make uninhibited sounds and explore different musical instruments. KLONK is the work of conceptual artist Cecilia Sterner and is inspired by the children’s books by American author and philosopher Dr Seuss.


By 2018, Klonk and Klonkar will rest to return to another season.

Last updated 2018-07-05