For children and families

Malmö Live offers a broad range of activities for children, young people and families. Many of these activities are free of charge, although it may be necessary to register in advance via our website or email. Some activities are jointly arranged with others, although many are part of Malmö Live’s own range. The whole family is welcome to meet the music!

At Okii Nami, our free-of-charge weekend music workshop, children from seven years of age can try experimental and traditional instruments, while their younger siblings enjoy other musical activities. There is also free entry to regular weekend music events such as music quizzes and sing-alongs, as well as to our recurring aural artwork Klonk – a parallel musical universe for children of all ages. Among our concerts for a younger audience, particular note should be made of our popular Nalle concerts.


At weekends we arrange everything from haunted parties to Christmas concerts for younger children, and we have also been able to arrange music summer camps for 11 to 12-year olds during some summers. 

Last updated 2020-01-10